How much does the Lighted Checkholder™ cost?

Lighted Checkholders are available for just a few cents more than a standard check presenter

How long will the Lighted Checkholder™ last?

The Lighted Checkholder’s LED will last for many years. There is no need to change or charge its batteries.

How does the automatic LED work?

Automatic LED turns on when the Lighted Checkholder is held open and turns off when it is closed. The Automatic LED also turns off when resting fully open on table.

Can the Lighted Checkholder™ be customized?

Yes, your company's logo can be printed, stamped, or embossed on the cover of your Lighted Checkholder.

How does the size of the Lighted Checkholder™ compare to a traditional checkholder?

Lighted Checkholder is designed with the standard dimensions for a check presenter, allowing it to fit in existing storage space.

Is the light off when the Lighted Checkholder™ is fully open?

Yes, the light is off when the Lighted Checkholder™ is fully opened or is left open on the table.

Is the Lighted Checkholder™ patented?

Yes. The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the revolutionary Lighted Checkholder U.S. Pat No. 7,559,665.